The 6 O'Clock News (feat. Oompa)

from The 6 O'Clock News by Lewis Morris



(VERSE 1) - Lewis
Got prayers and vendettas
tucked into the pocket
of my wallet where the dollars
sits, a wishing well for cynics.
Call it clinical…
the emotions I attach to tragedy,
it's pitiful…
Write some songs,
but they crumble to ash
as it visits you…
So, likely…
I'm rapping to galaxy of ears
that ain't listening…
Or rather, you'll get echos of my screams,
but it'll be whispering…
Finding meaning in the bullshit,
but, it'll wait till tomorrow.
Procrastinating philosoph,
fill my soul with rage.
Imagine silhouettes of pickets signs,
in a crowd, like is it time?
Cops looking at us like
they're hungry, and it's dinner time.
Riot gear just in case
one of us steps out of line.
Back in the day, the hippies placed
ripe freshly plucked flowers
in the barrels of officer's rifles.
But, chanting kumbaya nowadays
ain't gonna stifle
the trigger fingers itching
to end another life, so….

(CHORUS X2) - Lewis
Watching the news,
us niggas are main attractions…
Fodder for white people
to aid another distraction…
Debate about this violence,
as if this never happens…
There is no new violence.
Only selective silence.

(VERSE 2) - Oompa
How’d I wind up on this choppin block
I mean this auction block,
Taking shots,
Watching niggas playing hop or scotch
With all this talk of drawing chalk
Sum bout tossing rocks
got it locked down in the dark
to the top of codman park
pop the commerce in the pot,
Watch him fall off if when it’s watched
Politicians on the creep,
half sleep but get to call the shots
Watching mamas call the cops
To find some peace
But find her peace in rest
Arrested in development
No rasondon on this cassette,
In fact the tapes weren’t subpoenaed
Despite a mama screaming
her daughter
In the project corridor bleeding,
Trauma singing
Holding her hand clinging
To life,
Screaming, lord don’t let her leave me
no police in sight
So, we live by this code,
Believe nothing you see
Tell nothing you know
and you could live to 23
so No 25-life
no indictment,
No convictions
i’m conflicted
cuz those was probably
my niggas that did it.

(CHORUS X2) - Oompa

(VERSE 3) - Lewis
Fear of societal rejection
got a nigga throwing poison darts
at his reflection…
The lesson here
is that the rally
for safety and survival
always happens in the valley,
but never in the ghetto.
Ambulance lights
dance, and some niggas might glance,
and ponder their mortality,
frightened by the reality
of life being shortened
by a cop with a gun,
a nigga with a gun,
or the stress of wondering which one.

(VERSE 4) - Oompa
So, call us crabs in a barrel
make us out some savage cats
Like, in fact
the barrel's a crab’s
Nat-ur-al habitat.
but don’t unravel that.
maybe this is the cynic moving in me
maybe i just been through shit
maybe i’m just still a newbie
maybe schooling is my duty
and my duty’s my undoing
and your empty promises
and prospects don’t enthuse me
either way as casually as we treat casualties
as balancing the cost
and benefits of war
this ain’t no different to me.

(CHORUS X2) - Lewis & Oompa


from The 6 O'Clock News, released January 23, 2016


all rights reserved



Lewis Morris Boston, Massachusetts

Lewis M. is a boston-based (and Providence born) poet, beatmaker, and MC. He has performed at the Apollo Theater in NYC, The Smithsonian, among many other venues. His beats retain a refreshingly simplified approach to hip-hop production that harkens back to the boom-bap of the 90's while remaining fresh and new.

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