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Parabellum (feat. Myles Bullen & ToadStool)

from fka Reggie by Lewis M.

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VERSE 1 (Myles)
I like to walk as slowly as possible
Eat pomegranates with a spoon
See dying everyday as optional
What am I living to do
I'm a needy ghost
I need a decent dose
Being seen exposed
Peep the recent post 
Another awkward pose 
Indeed feed the folks
I took the Concord coach 
So I could see the show
Eye on the mountain 
That I'm climbing 
Eye on the ocean
The tides rising
Till I'm 86'd
I am fine dining
Hand speaking 
I'm signing 
I will die rhyming

VERSE 2 (ToadStool)
Tryna find a way to find way out
Rhymin since the days I was playground bound,
I'm raised now
Not too concerned with ya two cents
Fuchsia swirls on the Stool's blend
Suture nerves till my cruel end 
The way I move pens like
Spilt milk
Buried alive
Snakes in the line of sight like Kill Bill
Fury entwined,
Further the rhyme with that ill will
Surgical lines for purging they spines
Emerging with a purpose to find
Searching for words to lurch
In shadows when the earth will decline
Certainly further demise
But it's murky in the works of my mind
It murders me to think this certain search
Of person defines
My own purpose to climb 
Straight up outta the hole
Been about in the fold
Ya clout is worth the same amount
As those mountains of coal
I feel the weight of the world
Acting like Atlas's clone
Back bone snapping tryna
Capture the hope

CHORUS X2 (ToadStool & Lewis
And we ain't never seen the same sights
Hoping for a copasetic moment
On the this late night
Wander heaven with my eyes closed
Tryna see it inside of myself
And break the spiral

VERSE 3 (Lewis)
Parabellum when I spit
Letters written while at war
Keep my focus on the art
Let the robots keep the score
Nothing changed but the weight
Rusty boxcutter raps
Got the Snopes on the ready
Niggas never utter facts
Alarm set for 6
Don't wake until it's 10
Early bird gets the warm
Late bloomers get the win
I don't give a flying fuck
Bout what the radio airs
I only make the shit
That I wanna hear
Real G's move in silence
Prolly explains why 
There ain't shit about me quiet
Oh yeah
There no denying
That I am pariah in some circles
I'm fine with that
They talk shit behind my back
And then claim they bump my tracks
When its face to face
Used to beg for validation
Nigga bought an MPC
For the clout, and now it's waiting
In the closet while collecting dust
I promise
It takes all of my arm strength
Not to deck niggas
Calling my music content
Fuck the nonsense

CHORUS X4 (ToadStool & Lewis

VERSE 4 (Lewis)
Y'all bitter
Corrupt rhyme spitters
With a clutched nine milli
Stashed behind smiles given
In the aisles I'm sitting
At the rap shows
Half the reason why
I'm always posted in the back rows
It's facts tho
I come off as an asshole
I don't buy your vibes
You're suspicious
I don't connect to the diatribes
You're shitting out that exit wound
You call a mouth
I see it crystal clear, dude
I ain't buddy-buddy with
Y'all niggas, and that scares you
Now you're fearful
Eyes darting back & forth
Like the cops are at ya door
With their body cams off
Now, you're tryna beg and reason
Cuz, when I get the mic next
You know a mausoleum
Is the property you're leasing
Oh yeah, speaking of squalor
Got the blogs politicking
Cuz, the business up here
Is based on who's cock you're licking
As far I'm concerned
it's crystal clear that it's not their's
My gas tank says
That I got years
before I'm hitting E, nigga


from fka Reggie, releases March 22, 2024
Written and performed by Lewis Morris, Myles Bullen, and Mike Jencks
Produced by Lewis M.
Recorded by Lexi Blair, Dan Pomfret, and Myles Bullen
Mixed by Lewis Morris
Mastered by Omega Filth


all rights reserved



Lewis M. Boston, Massachusetts

Lewis M. is a boston-based (and Providence born) poet, beatmaker, and MC. He has performed at the Apollo Theater in NYC, The Smithsonian, among many other venues. His beats retain a refreshingly simplified approach to hip-hop production that harkens back to the boom-bap of the 90's while remaining fresh and new.

To inquire about purchasing beats, contact him at:
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