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Love The Ugly (feat. Streia)

from Love The Ugly (Single) by Lewis M.



INTRO (Streia)
Obsessed with covering flaws…
But, isn’t that what makes us all?
Reveal the scars of all of me,
not just the pretty parts.

VERSE ONE (Lewis M.)
Ugh… Forbidden prophecy
hidden under lock & key. No monopoly
on my own life. My heartbeat’s an apology.
Thumping louder, b. It devours me.
In the stomach of my “sorries”, stillborn and cold.
Aborted prodigy. If I may be so bold,
it doesn’t bother me. Seen the lowest of lows…
Thoughts of a darker me weighing down my soul.
Yet, I stop and think if my life would be the same
if I scrubbed away the ugly that’s easy to blame
for my fuck-ups. Like that was someone else.
But, a hall of fuckin’ mirror still only reflects myself
when I point my fingers… A million points back.
The ugly is a part of me, I had to face facts.
Recognize my shit, while loving who I am, that’s the rub.
My apologies end when my life does.
So, might as well love the ugly.

I’m married to my mirror, everything be clearer.
Tryna find myself through the ugly that be nearer
creeping towards me everday as time goes by…
So, we gotta love the ugly. Or, at least we’ll try.

VERSE TWO (Lewis M.)
High-fived God as I was walking out the womb.
30 years later, all I do is fixate on my doom.
Fatal air cradles me, comforting yet I can’t breathe.
Holding hands with toxicity, shit comes with ease.
Interrogate the reasons why I cling to what’s killing me
while hiding behind a veneer of invulnerability.
I don’t think my own heartbeats forgiven me for this shit.
It’s thump inside my chest is a rebellion against
all the times I’ve tried to dead it. Fantasized gunshots.
Hereditary bullets. Same symptoms, the pain’s not
exclusive. The difference is she quiets it with Jesus,
and I let it scream until my eardrums shatter into pieces.
This is therapy. Ain’t no punchlines, no quotable.
Fuck your totem pole. Ditch the stardust Cody Rhodes.
Lord knows I’ve punished me enough for just living.
Tryna break outta that self-built prison.
I might as well love the ugly.

OUTRO (Streia)
You don’t get to choose the parts you love…
See all of me, or nothing at all.


from Love The Ugly (Single), released February 11, 2020


all rights reserved



Lewis M. Boston, Massachusetts

Lewis M. is a boston-based (and Providence born) poet, beatmaker, and MC. He has performed at the Apollo Theater in NYC, The Smithsonian, among many other venues. His beats retain a refreshingly simplified approach to hip-hop production that harkens back to the boom-bap of the 90's while remaining fresh and new.

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