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A Sketchy Dude

from A Sketchy Dude (single) by Lewis M.



It's like that time when Meryl Streep won the Oscar,
and Viola David didn't...
Somebody got robbed....
Yo, wouldn't you say it's odd
that I still ain't got my props yet?
And, the props that I got since
I started was a pat on the back,
it's a bunch of nonsense.
Think I don't what's up?
NIGGA PLEASE, I've been watchin' it....
All these trash rappers get a pass
while spittin' garbage! It
makes me want to write
a song to my adoring fans,
which is about six of you guys.
Just so I know, just raise your hand...
(That's Me!) Oh yeah,
and I've got more where that came from!
My name is Lewis Morris,
and I'm proud to wear that name, son!
Proud to be a loud-mouth,
opinionated know-it-all,
that actually, as fate would
have it, knows it all, but
that hasn't done much good considering
what's in my pocket...
I say pocket...
Cuz nigga, I can't even buy a wallet.
But, my mom says I have talent,
and my girl says I'm her favorite.
Yet, y'all want the generic brand
of rap that's flavorless?

I am so dope and so live and so fresh,
that I got what it takes to make a nigga go deaf...
And, I got what it takes to make a nigga go deaf,
cuz I'm a sketchy dude, so nigga, just watch your step!

One time a nigga tried
to rob me for my cash...
But, I didn't have any,
so I just gave him a dash
of my wit & my lyricism... (wow)
It was so ill, that it killed him,
and now I'm in prison (damn).
My flow is sickening.
Labels can't sign me
cuz I have crooked teeth
AND no fashion sense
AND - wait... must dispense
a certain truth of myself.
Enough with the loose,
so many rappers use lies
to gain fans, I'll try the truth.
My name is Lewis Morris,
I'm a bum.
My name is Lewis Morris,
and I do this hip-hop stuff for fun.
My name is Lewis Morris,
and I don't to be famous.
The thing is my game is goddamned
shameless, have I mentioned that my name is...
One more time!
That's enough.
Man, shut up! I'm trying to finish my rap here!
I do this for the therapy
I do this for the art.
I'm a rapper at the moment,
but still a poet at heart.



from A Sketchy Dude (single), released February 17, 2013


all rights reserved



Lewis M. Boston, Massachusetts

Lewis M. is a boston-based (and Providence born) poet, beatmaker, and MC. He has performed at the Apollo Theater in NYC, The Smithsonian, among many other venues. His beats retain a refreshingly simplified approach to hip-hop production that harkens back to the boom-bap of the 90's while remaining fresh and new.

To inquire about purchasing beats, contact him at:
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